National Aquarium in Baltimore

The last time I visited the National Aquarium, Bill Clinton had just become president and Nirvana was near the height of its popularity. Much has changed since then. The aquarium is bigger. I’m now a photographer. Which means there was lots for me and Patrick to see and photograph. I don’t remember the animals being so interesting or the lighting being so beautiful. Then to think that all these plants and animals are somewhere out there in the sea – well, it makes me want to learn to scuba dive so I can see them all in their natural habitats.


A Buckroe Beach morning

If I had to choose between living in the mountains or by the beach, I would choose the beach. Who can live without hearing the crashing of waves? Or seeing the never-ending view of the ocean stretching out to the sky? The scent of salt and the sound of water lapping up on shore never cease to calm and comfort me.