My husband and I recently went camping in the desert in Namibia. Every night we saw these two bright, beautiful stars near each other.

Me: I think it’s the International Space Station.
Husband: But it’s not moving.
Me: I think it’s moving.
Husband: It’s not.
Me: You’re right.
Husband: It kind of looks like the pole star, but we’re too far south. I don’t think it’s a planet. Planets should flash multicolors.
Me: The sky just looks so different in the Southern Hemisphere.
Husband: The only thing I know down here is the Southern Cross.

I often think my husband should know a lot about night skies because he served in the U.S. Navy. But he took only one class in celestial navigation, which apparently isn’t enough to learn everything about stars and planets.

Anyway, I shot several long-exposure photographs, including the one above. It was so gorgeous. I figured one day I would learn about those two bright objects.

Well, today was the day. While browsing through the news, I found out we were admiring Venus and Jupiter. Thank you, New York Times summer of science!